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1. Social Auth Google | Drupal.org

Social Auth Google | Drupal.org
Social Auth Google allows users to register and login to your Drupal site with their Google account. The module allows websites to request any …

2. Google OAuth Login | Drupal.org


Simple Google Login allows users to register and login to your Drupal site with their Google account. Google OAuth API PHP library helps web …

3. Google Login | Drupal.org


I have remove the test to redo from scratch all of them. If you want add a patch please create a PR in Github This module let you to login with …

4. Google Auth | Drupal.org


Drupal 6 Google supports the OAuth standard for API authentication. … they are then immediately redirected to the Google login page where …

5. Google OAuth Login Solutions? – Drupal Answers


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6. What is the best social login module in Drupal 8 …


The best Drupal 8 social login modules · OneAll Social Login · Social Auth · Auth0 Single Sign On · Social Auth Google.

7. Add Drupal 8 login with google button | A Sophisticated Blog


Login with Facebook, Google or Twitter (or any of the many social media out there) button is essential now because people are lazy. They don’t …

8. oomphinc/d8-google-login: Login to Drupal 8 using … – GitHub


Drupal 8 Google Login. Allows users to log in to your site using their Google account. Creates a new Drupal account when the Google account is not yet known, …

9. Best of Drupal 8 Modules for Social Login | Opensense Labs


Primarily for Google account, the Social Auth Google module can help you register and log in with any social site. It performs the authentication …

10. Guide to Configure Google apps as an OAuth Server for Drupal


Azure, Azure B2C) you can change it under Sign In Settings tab. Drupal OAuth Client Redirect URL; Now logout and go to your Drupal site’s login page, you will …

11. Setting up oauth module/login in Drupal 7 – Stack Overflow


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12. Come accedere a Drupal usando il nome utente e la …


Per integrare il tuo sito Drupal 7 con Google Apps, devi: Abilita il modulo … essere creato automaticamente quando effettuano il login per la prima volta e non …

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