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1. The Console | openHAB
The Console | openHAB
The default username/password is openhab:habopen, so enter habopen at the … To reach the console using SSH, use the following command to connect to the …

2. openHABian | openHAB

Here are the passwords in question with their respective default “username:password” values. All password can be changed from openHABian menu. (

3. [SOLVED] Default username and default password – openHAB …

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4. Connect o OpenHAB console from localhost via ssh not working

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5. SSH Password – Beginners – openHAB Community

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6. Ssh openhab password wrong – Installation – openHAB …

Hey there, I try to connect via ssh “sudo ssh [email protected]” to log in with the password “habopen” but it didn’t work. Is it possible to reset the password, …

7. Openhabian PuTTY SSH login – openHAB Community

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8. Securing Communication and Access | openHAB

In an apt installation, you would best do this in the file /etc/default/openhab2 . # SSL Certificates. On the very first start, openHAB generates a personal (self-signed, …

9. Openhabian console login fails – Runtime – openHAB …

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10. [SOLVED] Raspberry Pi 3 console login – openHAB Community

So I tried to SSH in and again that failed. I did read that by default that was disabled, so that maybe it’s no surprise. But I can’t login via the console …

11. [SOLVED] Cant log in to openhabian (ssh & via keyboard …

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12. openHAB on Linux | openHAB

DEB (Ubuntu, Debian etc.) and .RPM (RedHat, CentOS, Fedora etc.) Linux systems. All instructions can be executed in a terminal or remotely via SSH connection.

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