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1. Urban Terror Members : Login

Urban Terror Members : Login
Official website for Urban Terror, a free multiplayer first person shooter video game by Frozen Sand.

2. Urban Terror Members : Register


Carefully select your Login. This is your connection login and your displayed name. You will not be able to change it. Do not include your clan tag in your login, …

3. Login – Urban Terror Forums


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4. AUTH / Accounts – Urban Terror Support : Game Manual


The AUTH login is the name we give to Urban Terror player accounts. This feature has been implemented in Urban Terror 4.2 …

5. Urban Terror


Official website for Urban Terror, a free multiplayer first person shooter video game by Frozen Sand. … main content. Login | Register … Welcome to Urban Terror.

6. Urban Terror Members


Skip to main content. Login | Register … https://www.urbanterror.info/members/donate/. Please don’t block the ads. Advertisement. Please don’t block the ads.

7. Auth system – Urban Terror Support : Server Admin


set auth_notoriety “0”, Auth_notoriety sets the minimum notoriety level required to connect to a server. Anyone can join when set to 0. List of notorieties: …

8. Cant log in (auth failed) and no server 🙁 – Urban Terror Forums


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9. Login Help – Urban Terror Forums


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10. Administration – Urban Terror Support : Server Admin


To login as a referee you need to ask the server administrator for the referee password. Once you have it, you can login by pulling down the Quake III console …

11. Urban Terror Downloads : Current version (4.3.4)


In Game, click on login and fill in your key or use the console cmd: /auth-set <YOURKEY HERE>. More information here. MD5 Checksums. You can verify the …

12. URT Login/Auth Suggestions – Urban Terror Forums


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